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• United States District Court Decision: Allison Nowak, et al Plaintiffs v. Faberge U.S.A. and Precision Valve Corporation, Defendants
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Dr. Abraham has over 35 years of experience in analyzing the designs of all types of toys created for infants to children up to 14 years of age. He is knowledgeable of national and international standards, the standard of care and the state of technology available prior and up to the time of manufacturer and distribution into the stream of commerce. In addition, Dr. Abraham is experienced in the design, manufacture, packaging and distribution of toys manufactured for all ages. He has extensive experience in material technology, material processing as well as the toxicity and industrial hygiene associated with the product. He has extensive experience in the manufacturing process both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Abraham has extensive experience in creating and inventing new products for children, creating warnings and instructions for the products, and testing the products for all of its foreseeable uses and foreseeable misuses. He is a member of the International Standards Organization (ISO/TC 181 Safety of Toys), ASTM F15.22 (Toy Safety) and many other committees relating to children's toys and recreational equipment. Dr. Abraham has also invented products that are used by children world wide.

Dr. Abraham evaluates the design of a toy and determines if there are any risks inherent in the foreseeable use and/or foreseeable misuse of the product. He is able to correlate the causal relationship between the design of the product and the alleged injury.

In addition to the above, Dr. Abraham is certified in the area of warnings and instructions. He is able to critique the warnings and instructions and determine whether they are acceptable or defective. He is also capable of creating exemplar warnings and instructions for products.